Episode 12- Talk is Cheap…Actions Are Everything w/Filmmaker Ishmael Kanu

Gayima’s network of friends includes the film writer and director Ishmael Kanu. Ishmael is a First-Generation Sierra Leonean who came […]

Episode 8- C H O S A N: Proof that Tribalism is Bullsh!t (Excerpt From Episode #4)

Gayima rants about her disgust for Tribalism and the role that it is playing in the 2018 Presidential Elections. She […]

Episode 6- Is “The [email protected]$$ Donald” Correct About Africa?

Africans worldwide united to let Donald Trump and his administration know that his comment(s) about Africa were racist and untrue. […]

Episode 5- Kenecia Lashae: Sprinkling #blackgirlmagic throughout Africa and Beyond

The Pretty Life Founder @passport2pretty, Kenecia Lashae and I Am Gayima crossed paths due to our shared interest in traveling […]