WTF is ‘No Whahala’?

The expression ‘No whahala’ (sometimes spelled No Wahala) has origins from West Africa.  The translation varies, depending on who you ask.  While an African Auntie may answer, ‘No Problems’, your Carribean Uncle may respond ‘No Bullsh*t’.  Either way… it’s a phrase that is understood by many, especially those connected to the West African Diaspora.

The Backstory

The tee design sessions at Amyang Fashun happen everywhere.  From a subway ride between boroughs to brunch meetings and family road trips, the idea of putting the infamous expression ‘No Whahala’ on a tee was an immediate yes from the team.

Who is Qualified to Rock this Tee?

Let’s be honest.  Culture appropriation is real AF and the only difference is that the masses are calling folks out.  Before we moved this concept to production, we asked ourselves if anyone should feel uncomfortable wearing this tee?  Should they feel awkward?  Would we give them a strong side eye?

The Answer: ‘No Whahala’ is for everyone who loves statement tees.

You don’t have to be of African decent to rock this tee.  You don’t.  It’s for everyone.  Let it set your mood for the day.  It’s a conversation starter at brunch and a connector at a networking event.  When you rock your tee, let us know what happens.



Curator Roe Mellow + Musician Young Paris

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